LegitScript, Google and Rehab Ads

It has been almost a year since google banned addiction treatment center ads on their platform and the effect has been felt across the addiction treatment industry.

This has been a major hurdle when marketing a rehab, because most trips to an addiction treatment center start with a search on Google.

With the new rules, Many providers have had to move their advertising budget to other, often less effective platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

On April 16, 2018 Google announced that all all drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers would be required to obtain LegitScript certification if they were to advertise on their platform.

On August 9th 2018, almost a year after Google, Facebook announced they would be requiring providers to be legitscript certified to advertise on their platform.

Most addiction professionals will agree that this is a good thing for our industry, but actually obtaining a LegitScript certification requires a lot of paperwork.

The purpose of this article is to help you successfully obtain the certification so you can advertise addiction treatment services on the web.

Applying for LegitScript certification for addiction treatment providers.

In order to apply for LegitScript certification, you will need to meet certain quality and compliance standards.

Some of the standards include being licensed, not offering incentives, like plane flights, and clearly showing your address on your website.

Our suggestion is to complete the application as quickly and thoroughly as possible. If you do not meet certain standards, you need to become compliant before submitting.

Once you apply they will send you an extensive checklist of everything that is needed.

A full list of the standards can be found here.

If you feel like you need help getting your treatment center approved call WebServ today.

LegitScript certification fees

If you find that you meet these standards you will be required to pay an application fee and a yearly fee which varies depending on the number of facilities:

Pricing chart for certification for LegitScript

See the LegitScript website here.

LegitScript Rehab Approval Process.

Once you have submitted your packet electronically, your application will be processed in the order it was received.

Often LegitScript will correspond with you over email asking for additional documents, the quicker you respond the quicker you will be approved.

After their initial rollout to a handful of providers, LegitScript is moving much more quickly and your application could be processed in a month.

We highly suggest that you complete these steps to the best of your ability so that you can generate qualified leads through the search engines.

My Treatment Center got approved to advertise, now what?

If you are approved to advertise on LegitScript, it’s time to start running ads.
WebServ can help design landing pages, run advertisements on Facebook, Google, and Bing, and help lower your CPA.
Give us a call today for more info.

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