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Newport Center Urgent Care Case Study

Urgent Care experiences a 57.8% decrease in cost per conversion compared to previous agency.
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The Results

Lower Cost per Conversion
Conversions in 5 months
Reduction in Ad Spend

Client Overview

Client Name: Newport Center Urgent Care

Industry: Healthcare

Client Description: Newport Center Urgent Care (NCUC) provides quality, accessible healthcare services to individuals in need of urgent care and COVID-19 testing. They serve the residents of Newport Beach, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, and CDM. The services provided by NCUC are essential in their community, and they have a steadfast commitment to ensuring the health and safety of their patients.

Campaign Duration: The paid media campaign was run over a span of 5 months.

The Challenge

Problem Statement: Prior to our engagement, Newport Center Urgent Care was grappling with an inadequate lead generation process through their previous agency. This was a crucial challenge as it resulted in insufficient patient appointments, limiting their growth potential.

Client's Goals/Objectives: Newport Center Urgent Care's primary objective was to significantly boost its revenue growth by attracting new clients and expanding their existing patient base. They aimed to actively promote their services, distinguish themselves from competitors, and stimulate an influx of patient appointments that would contribute to the overall growth of the urgent care center.


Graph pulled from Newport Center Urgent Care's google ads account

The Solution

Campaign Strategy: We devised an intricate, three-tiered Google search campaign strategy with a geographical focus on the local cities surrounding the Urgent Care. Each campaign was specifically designed to target general Urgent Care terms, the diverse services they offer, and COVID-19 testing. The bidding strategy and keyword match types were determined based on the search volume and competition level. Negative keywords were incorporated to filter out irrelevant traffic and to hone in on qualified leads.

Creative Execution: The creative elements of the campaign were strategically tailored to highlight the services Newport Center Urgent Care offers, underscore the unique advantages over their competitors, and emphasize the benefits of their urgent care. We integrated sitelinks and callouts to augment the visibility of their ads and provide comprehensive information in the search results. Furthermore, call extensions were incorporated for quick and easy lead generation.

Platforms Used: The campaign was executed on Google.



Key Metrics: The key performance indicators (KPIs) for this campaign were conversions/conversion rates and the cost per conversion. Our campaign resulted in a total of 2,120 conversions, a conversion rate of 21%, and a cost per conversion of $61.08, which was a 57.8% decrease from the pre-campaign period.

Achievements/Outcomes: The campaign yielded a substantial 16% increase in conversions while simultaneously reducing the ad spend by 50%. Moreover, the conversion rate saw an impressive spike of 483%, reaching 21%. Overall, the cost per conversion experienced a significant reduction of 57.8%.


showing newport center urgent care's search ads

Conclusion & Insights

Key Takeaways/Learnings: The phrase match campaign that focused on the various services offered by Newport Center Urgent Care delivered the most conversions and noticeably lowered the cost per conversion. This campaign even included a call ad from the previous agency due to its cost-effectiveness.

Conversely, the broad match campaign, which typically isn't as effective in certain industries, surprisingly worked quite well for NCUC with the terms "urgent care" and "urgent care near me,"  yielding the lowest cost per conversion. While it did not generate as many conversions as the first campaign, it still resulted in quality leads at a low cost per conversion.

These insights indicate that different keyword strategies can be effective based on the specific service and industry. For Newport Center Urgent Care, a combination of phrase and broad match campaigns proved to be the winning formula. This nuanced approach provides an effective, adaptable strategy, ensuring an optimal lead quality and cost-efficiency ratio.

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