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2023 Client Performance and Insights Report

Gain insights from our Client Report detailing triumphs in SEO, PPC, and brand development. Download the full report below.
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Welcome to the 2023 Annual Client Performance and Insights Report. This report is not just a reflection of the year’s successes in healthcare marketing, but also a clear indication of the ongoing value we provide.

Through meticulous search engine optimization, innovative web design, and targeted paid media campaigns, we’ve delivered results that matter. These successes are as much a part of our clients’ stories as they are ours, highlighting the progress we’ve made together.

The insights we share here are distilled from data-driven strategies and creative endeavors that have not only met but often exceeded our clients’ goals. Our report aims to provide a clear vision of the outcomes of our collaborative efforts and how they align with the broader trends in healthcare marketing.

We thank you for your partnership and interest in Webserv. Whether you’ve been with us through the years or are just getting to know us, we’re excited to continue this journey of growth and innovation with you.

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2023 Performance Snapshot

As we turn the pages of our 2023 achievements, let’s first shine a light on the remarkable strides made in SEO. Our clients have seen exponential growth in traffic and visibility, a testament to our refined SEO strategies.

Search Engine Optimization

Average Traffic Growth for our clients who were with us for the full year.

Average Traffic Value per month for our clients according to SEMRUSH.

Total Organic Clicks for our Healthcare Clients in 2023.

Total Organic Impressions for our Healthcare Clients in 2023

Paid Media – PPC

Total Conversions (Calls and Form Fills) for our clients in 2023.

Average Conversion Rate for clients running Google Ads.

Average Cost Per Click for our clients running Google Ads.

Avg. Cost per Conversion in the Addiction, Mental Health, and Med Device Industry

Agency Recognition

2023 marked a milestone year for our agency, characterized by significant team growth, the expansion into new healthcare subindustries, and multiple prestigious accolades from Clutch that underscored our excellence in the marketing space.

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Industry Overview

Healthcare marketing is as diverse as it is complex, and at Webserv, our expertise spans across the spectrum, with a particular focus on the behavioral health industry. Here, making a meaningful impact means not just reaching audiences but driving action.

Industries We Currently Serve

Our services span a diverse range of healthcare subindustries, with a strong ongoing commitment to the treatment center space. As illustrated, our expertise extends from addiction and mental health treatment to medical devices, biotech, and beyond, serving a wide array of specialized needs.

The chart below captures our client distribution, showcasing our extensive involvement across these critical sectors.

Healthcare Subindustries we serve

Search Engine Optimization: Insights and Results

Search Engine Optimization is fundamental for healthcare companies seeking sustainable online exposure and lead generation. The strategic application of SEO principles is critical for establishing a robust digital presence, ensuring long-term visibility, and attracting a steady stream of potential clients. With this in mind, we’ll share pivotal healthcare SEO insights followed by the impressive performance metrics our clients experienced throughout 2023.

Navigating Google Algorithm Updates

If you’ve dealt with SEO, you know how Google algorithm updates can dramatically shift your rankings, leading to drastic drops in traffic. These core updates aim to enhance search quality, impacting sites based on content quality, user experience, and technical factors.

Adapting to these updates means embracing comprehensive SEO strategies, beyond just keywords and backlinks. Our next case study highlights how we helped a client not just recover but thrive post-update.

table showing the 2023 Google algorithm updates

Rising Above the March 2023 Core Update

Google’s algorithm updates often elevate content quality standards, particularly for health-related information, this was solidified after the March 2023 Core Update. We found that several Healthcare websites lacked credibility leading to several of their traffic driving rankings to drop rapidly.

To meet these heightened criteria and the need for higher credibility our team deployed a number of strategies, such as ensuring our healthcare client’s content was medically reviewed.

Algorithm Update Case Study

One of our clients experienced a significant downturn in daily clicks following the March core update, with daily clicks dwindling from a peak of 622 to an all time low of 178.

This change posed a critical challenge, but our team swiftly implemented strategic SEO adjustments to counteract the update’s impact. Some of our adjustments included:

  • Content Quality Improvement: Revising and updating existing content to ensure it provides real value, is well-researched, and aligns with user intent.
  • EE-A-T Principles: Focusing on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) by showcasing credentials, clinical reviews, and expert content to boost the site’s credibility.
  • User Experience (UX) Optimization: Improving the overall user experience on the site, including faster load times, better navigation, and a more intuitive interface.

Through these targeted efforts, we not only stabilized their online presence but propelled it to new heights, resulting in a peak of 1,068 clicks in a single day.

Healthcare SEO Client Performance

The metrics below are synthesized from our comprehensive SEO work across the healthcare spectrum. They spotlight the cumulative impact of our strategies, applied to a multitude of healthcare subindustries.

Behavioral Health SEO Client Performance

With a strong client base rooted in behavioral healthcare, it’s crucial to highlight the SEO metrics derived exclusively from these specialized clients. Each month, we implement a balanced mix of content creation and technical website optimization, custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients in this sector. This approach ensures that our clients’ websites are not only rich in relevant, engaging content but are also technically sound and optimized for search engines.

In addition to these efforts, our strategy includes monthly digital PR campaigns designed to enhance link profiles and increase online authority. These campaigns have been pivotal in strengthening the online presence of our behavioral healthcare clients, leading to improved organic search rankings and greater visibility. The results of this comprehensive SEO strategy are evident in the significant improvements in traffic and patient engagement metrics across our client portfolio.

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SEO Case Study – Addiction Treatment Center

As revenue-focused healthcare marketers, we understand the importance of honing in on the most relevant metrics that align closely with business goals. While clicks and impressions provide insight into visibility and user engagement, it is the tangible outcomes like heightened admissions and patient acquisitions that truly measure the success of our efforts.

Through SEO our treatment center client achieved:

  1. 3,152 Calls
  2. 85 Admits
  3. 150 Referrals
  4. 2,297% Return on Investment

It is important to note that the results we have achieved for this client, who has been working with us for over two years, may not be typical for those just starting their SEO journey. SEO is an ongoing process that requires continuous optimization and effort, and significant results may not be evident within the first few months.

Explore the Full Resource: The Impact of SEO for Behavioral Health Treatment Centers

Paid Media: Insights and Results

Paid Media, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, is essential for healthcare companies aiming for immediate visibility and accelerated lead generation. Expertly managed PPC campaigns offer the control and agility necessary to navigate the competitive healthcare landscape, driving targeted traffic and yielding quick returns on investment.

Next, we’ll explore key Paid Media insights and unveil the impactful performance metrics that underscore the success of our clients’ PPC campaigns in 2023.

Google and Advertising Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

AI is perhaps the biggest buzzword of 2023, reshaping Google’s advertising with simplified, automated solutions.

Google actively encourages the use of broad-match keywords and Performance Max campaigns across accounts, steering strategies towards AI-driven solutions.

  1. Broad-Match Keywords: Expand campaign reach, allowing ads to connect with users across a wider array of search queries, enhancing visibility and engagement opportunities.
  2. Performance Max Campaigns: Designed to tap into untapped placements, Performance Max harnesses AI to broaden ad reach, connecting advertisers with their ideal audience segments across Google’s diverse channels.
Graphic showcasing keyword match types

Google and Advertising Solutions with Artificial Intelligence

All too often we see new and prospective clients come in with inaccurate or incomplete conversion tracking. Accurate conversion tracking is the cornerstone of optimizing paid media campaigns, as it provides critical data to understand which elements are driving results.

Without precise tracking, it’s challenging to gauge the true ROI of advertising spend, making it difficult to refine and target campaigns effectively for maximum impact and efficiency.

Below are some insights we have about the challenges, solutions, and actions for advertisers in 2023:

Challenges in Conversion Tracking

  • Adapting to consent-based tracking on iOS and privacy-focused devices in 2023
  • Overcoming data loss due to ad blockers and script blockers

Solutions for Reliable Tracking

  • Implement server-side tracking to circumvent browser compliance issues
  • Utilize call tracking software for concrete lead generation metrics

Action Steps for Advertisers

  • Collect and input comprehensive conversion data for nuanced AI interpretation
  • Prioritize server-to-platform data transmission for consistent attribution

By empowering AI with context-rich data, we navigate the complexities of modern advertising, delivering precision and performance in a privacy-first world.

Google Ads Client Performance

The metrics displayed are gathered from our current Paid Media clients spanning multiple industries. In 2023 we generated a total of 15,216 conversions (calls and form fills) through Google Ads alone.

We Maximize the impact of our clients campaigns through:

  1. Proactive Optimization: Regular adjustments to align campaigns with evolving trends and client objectives.
  2. Combatting Ad Fatigue: Frequent creative refreshes to maintain audience engagement and prevent ad staleness.
  3. Data-Driven Approach: Utilizing real-time analytics to pivot strategies swiftly, ensuring peak performance.

Behavioral Health Google Ads Performance

The metrics displayed are gathered from our current Paid Media clients who are Addiction and/or Mental Health Treatment Centers, and facilities that offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Our Strategic PPC Partnerships:

  • Collaborate with Admissions: Partnering with admissions for accurate lead tracking and campaign effectiveness.
  • Specialize in Behavioral Health: Deep industry knowledge ensures our seamless integration with treatment centers.

Paid Media Case Study – Urgent Care

Prior to our engagement, Newport Center Urgent Care was grappling with an inadequate lead generation process through their previous agency. This was a crucial challenge as it resulted in insufficient patient appointments, limiting their growth potential.

The Solution:

We devised an intricate, three-tiered Google search campaign strategy with a geographical focus on the local cities surrounding the Urgent Care. Each campaign was specifically designed to target general Urgent Care terms, the diverse services they offer, and COVID-19 testing. The bidding strategy and keyword match types were determined based on the search volume and competition level. Negative keywords were incorporated to filter out irrelevant traffic and to hone in on qualified leads.

The Results:

Key Metrics: The key performance indicators (KPIs) for this campaign were conversions/conversion rates and the cost per conversion. Our campaign resulted in a total of 2,120 conversions, a conversion rate of 21%, and a cost per conversion of $61.08, which was a 57.8% decrease from the pre-campaign period.

Achievements/Outcomes: The campaign yielded a substantial 16% increase in conversions while simultaneously reducing the ad spend by 50%. Moreover, the conversion rate saw an impressive spike of 483%, reaching 21%.

Brand Development: Insights and Results

Brand development and website design are pivotal for healthcare organizations to forge a lasting impression and build patient trust. A harmonious blend of visual identity and user-centric design not only distinguishes a brand but also enhances patient engagement and conversion.

Up next, we’ll examine essential insights into brand and website development and then showcase how our clients have optimized their online identity.

Inclusive Design is a necessity

The goal of design should always aim for inclusive design, instead of relying on an accessibility plugin. This includes ensuring all images have alt text, color contrast, and designing user friendly components for easily accessible information on the site.

Achieving 100% accessibility for a website is a challenging goal, and in practice, it may be impossible to guarantee absolute accessibility for every user due to the diverse nature of disabilities and evolving technologies. However, the aim should always be to strive for the highest level of accessibility possible.

Data-Driven Landing Page Optimization

Our design team excels at crafting landing pages that are not only visually appealing but also highly functional for our PPC campaigns. By harnessing the insights from heatmaps and A/B testing, we create user-centric pages that resonate with the audience and drive conversions.

Let’s delve into the key strategies our design team implements to achieve these effective and engaging landing pages:

  1. Strategic Layout Design: Our team crafts layouts that intuitively guide users, encouraging them towards key conversion points.
  2. Initial Content Optimization: We optimize the initial content for maximum clarity and engagement, ensuring it resonates with the target audience.
  3. Dynamic Updates Based on Insights: We keep our landing pages at peak performance by regularly updating them with insights gained from heatmaps and user feedback.
showcasing both mobile and desktop versions of some of our landing pages

Brand Development Case Study – Laser Therapy Device

We partnered with a leader in the laser therapy industry to revolutionize their digital presence. The project’s focus was a seamless integration of a modernized brand identity and an enhanced user experience, tailored to the unique needs of the laser therapy market.

Collaboration and responsiveness were the hallmarks of our approach, ensuring timely completion and swift adaptation to feedback.

The result was a user-centric website that simplified technology exploration and provider searches, leading to an impressive 30X increase in website traffic and substantial growth in engagement metrics.

We built functionality on the consumer side of the website to connect consumers with their closest Laser Therapy Provider. A similar functionality was made to connect Providers with their regional sales manager.

find a provider functionality for laser therapy center
summus laser website showcase

Thank You for a Remarkable 2023

A heartfelt thank you to all our clients for the trust and collaboration in 2023. Your partnership has fueled our shared successes and we eagerly look forward to growing together in the coming year.

If you’re considering partnering with us, we’re ready to show you what Webserv can achieve. Book a short discovery call and let’s discuss how we can elevate your business.