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Hydrate Now Case Study

Revitalizing a Brand: A Dive into the Refreshing Transformation of Hydrate Now's Website
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The Results

Increased Traffic Compared to Previous Quarter
Days from Project Initiation to Completion
Uniquely Designed Pages and Posts

Client Overview

Hydrate Now, a beacon in the Wellness & Aesthetics industry, is passionate about enhancing the well-being of its patients through high-quality IV therapy treatments, injections, and aesthetic facials. Their ethos lies in providing personalized care in a nurturing environment, executed by their experienced medical professionals using the latest treatment protocols and technologies.

They see the wellness journey as more than just a drop in the ocean—it's about helping patients achieve their optimal health and feel their absolute best. Committed to their mission, Hydrate Now partnered with us to bring a new feel to its branding and website. From project initiation on January 17, 2023, to completion on February 7, 2023, we managed to bring a new feel to their digital presence in a mere 22 days.


The Challenge

Hydrate Now was grappling with a dated and subpar web design. Their old website didn’t accurately represent their brand, had a cumbersome product list, and was not user-friendly. The homepage was devoid of valuable content and was merely dominated by a Buy Now banner. The lack of intuitive user navigation and substance made their website more of a liability than an asset.

Their objectives for the new site included not only a major facelift but also the enhancement of user experience, the ability to clearly display their products, and, importantly, the stimulation of more calls to their front desk.

early homepage ideas for hydrate now

The Solution

The web design strategy we adopted centered around brand identity formation, competitor research, and collaboration with Paid Media for some product pages to ensure targetable content and sections that could enhance conversions.

Our creative execution focused on our target audience - young men and women, while also keeping in mind the older female demographic who were their current consumers. We chose strong blue tones for their hydration/water aesthetic, used pink as an accent color to appeal to the target audience, and selected bright, neon imagery depicting diverse individuals.

view of hydrate now product design

The design included bouncy animations and hover effects for user engagement, custom iconography representing mobile IV vans and aesthetic facials, and an exhaustive component library for effective communication between the design and development teams. The platforms used were Figma, Adobe XD, WPEngine with Oxygen, and Metabox.


hydrate now video thumbnail

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Conclusion & Insights:

In this project, the creation of an extensive component library with prototyped wireframes substantially improved communication between the design and development teams, ensuring an end product that was accurately represented by the mockup.

hydrate now service page mockups

This is an ongoing project with regular updates based on the client's needs and Paid Media requirements. The evolution and learning from this project have equipped us with a better understanding of the client's needs, industry best practices in web design, and user experience for this particular audience. It is with this in-depth insight that we can continue to further refine and perfect the website, driving even greater success for Hydrate Now in the future.

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