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diverse group of patients to demonstrate demographic targeting
Discover the power of healthcare demographic targeting. Tailor your marketing efforts and create meaningful connections with your potential patients.
folders highlighting healthcare advertising compliance and regulations
Explore the intricacies of healthcare advertising compliance and regulations to develop effective, ethical, and compliant marketing strategies while safeguarding your organization's reputation and fostering patient trust.
understanding budget and bid management for healthcare advertising
With effective budget and bid management in place, healthcare advertisers can drive targeted traffic, increase conversions, and achieve their marketing goals while staying within their budget.
young woman in dentist office looking at a tablet
Healthcare providers face intense competition for patient attention. With an increasing number of healthcare options available, it's more important than ever for healthcare providers to invest in effective advertising strategies to reach and engage their target audience. Advertising platforms and channels play a critical role in the success of healthcare marketing campaigns. From search engine […]
Displaying targeting and audience segmentation using game pieces.
The healthcare advertising space is continually changing, with new procedures, tools, and services appearing daily. Implementing a strong targeting and audience segmentation strategy is essential if healthcare businesses are to guarantee that they are successfully engaging and reaching their ideal patients. Splitting a larger target audience into smaller, more focused groups based on particular traits, […]
Medical professional tracking success of their medical device advertising campaigns
Measure the success of your medical device advertising campaigns with our extensive guide on defining goals, identifying target audiences, and tracking KPIs.
Google ads now recognizes legit script for CBD
Are you a CBD manufacturer or retailer looking to advertise on Google? Google recognizes LegitScript’s certification program as a way to vet advertisers for eligible CBD products and websites. With a LegitScript CBD Certification, you can stand out in an increasingly crowded field of CBD manufacturers and retailers.  What is LegitScript, and what does it […]
Complete guide to facebook pixel
From small businesses to massive corporations, a company is always looking for better ways to connect with current and prospective customers. In this way, companies are able to boost sales and build brand loyalty. Facebook and Facebook ads have become a popular way for companies to connect with customers and encourage new or additional purchases. […]
Beginner's Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization
Introduction As an online business owner, you are constantly trying to implement the best practices for your brand. Between running ads, improving your web design for user experience, and constantly working at bettering your site’s SEO, you and your team are always focused on increasing brand awareness, maximizing web traffic, and (of course) generating leads. […]
Gain traffic through the best ways to upgrade content on your site.
Ecommerce marketing tools come in all shapes and sizes—from automation and analytics to email campaigns and user experience—and these tools can help your brand grow and meet your business goals.
healthcare content marketing
As more and more people are relying on the internet for medical information, healthcare content marketing has become a new trend for new patient acquisition.
marketing 101: facebook ads for addiction treatment
Facebook Ads for addiction treatment is a great option for finding high-quality treatment leads. Advertising your treatment center on Facebook is the best method you have at your disposal for generating addiction treatment leads that convert at a high rate.
Here are some of our favorite web-based tools for photo editing and graphic design:
After taking a closer look at your campaign, you notice that the majority of your leads aren’t actually going anywhere, and your ROI is suffering because of it. But there’s a way to turn that around.
maximize your ppc campaign
Underwhelming PPC campaign results? Take a look at these six tips for maximizing your PPC campaign performance.
why is addiction marketing so difficult
In order to effectively market an addiction treatment center you must invest in many marketing strategies and pay close attention to what is working best. According to MarketWatch there were over 14,000 drug, alcohol and other addiction treatment facilities in the United States in August of 2014. Statista puts that number at 14,399 in 2016 […]
Facebook Ads for Addiction treatment leads
Need treatment leads? Facebook Ads For Addiction Treatment Leads is a great option! Facebook advertising is the best method treatment centers have at their disposal to generate addiction treatment leads that convert at a high rate. The most important factor, even more so than ad copy or call to action, is the audience that you use. […]
7 free online marketing tools every addiction treatment center needs
Addiction treatment marketing deservedly gets a bad rap. That’s because the majority of treatment centers have 0 legitimate digital marketing efforts and they use ‘marketers’ who have no background in marketing and don’t know what an effective marketing campaign looks like. Every rehab (or any small business for that matter) needs tools to get their […]