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Phlebotomy Training Specialists

How Webserv Increased Phlebotomy Training Specialists Organic Goals completions By 62%

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Phlebotomy Training Specialists (PTS) was founded in 1993 when the need for a more detailed, hands-on approach to phlebotomy training was identified.  PTS focuses on giving students real-world knowledge by employing instructors who have vast and varied experience working professionally as phlebotomists.With over 20,000 graduates since inception,  Phlebotomy Training Specialists is one of the largest stand-alone phlebotomy training programs in the United States.


Phlebotomy Training Specialists had a great product that allowed them to expand rapidly to new locations across the country.  However, each City and State where they opened a new branch brought along new challenges in the form of local competition.  


These competitors were mainly local businesses and colleges whose websites were well optimized to rank for local search terms relating to phlebotomy classes.  The Colleges and Universities also tended to have strong authority derived from a portfolio of links from local media outlets and governmental sites.  


In order to draw in potential clients, PTS was relying on Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads that were locally targeted but used broad, generic key terms.  However, as they expanded, their spending continued to increase, and they were quickly pushing the limits of their marketing budget.  


PTS needed a way to market its services in the digital realm that was cost-effective and scalable.  So they came to Webserv for Local SEO services.


In order to allow PTS to ease up on their PPC spend, Webserv had to deliver organic rankings that were on par with the Visibility that high-cost Google Ads gave them.  This meant earning positions in the top 3 spots for their Google My Business (GMB) Listings in Local Map Packs and high rankings in Organic Search Results for their location pages.


In order to achieve this result, PTS needed to change its approach to keywords.  Instead of the top-down approach of bringing people into their website through the homepage via broad search terms, they needed each of their location pages to rank highly for relevant, location-specific keywords. 


The quickest way to bring in local traffic was by leveraging their Google My Business Listings.  Some of these locations were missing, and there was an overall lack of uniformity across more than 75 locations.  This required an audit of the GMB listings and an overhaul of the information being displayed on them.


Using Yext, a brand management tool, Webserv standardized the information that was distributed across these listings and created a web of complimentary listings that confirmed the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) data for each listing.  


On the PTS website, Webserv utilized Schema Markup to sync each location page on the website to their correlating Google My Business listing.  This helped Google’s site crawlers identify each location page with its corresponding business listing.  Which ensured that the listings and pages would grow in tandem as Webserv expanded its credibility and authority.


On-Page Content and Meta Data on the location pages were then optimized for primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords. Manual outreach and citation building were then utilized to build links directly to these pages to allow them to compete in local search results with authoritative competitors. 

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“Webserv was amazing to work with. The web development team is truly gifted at web design and has worked with me on two different websites to bring my vision to life. SEO can be really complex and technical to understand. However, Webserv was great at breaking it all down and giving weekly updates about how my business is ranking, and providing suggestions on how to drive more traffic. I highly recommend the Webserv team!”

Janae Sullivan, Executive Director/Owner


2020 vs. 2021 (Q2-Q4)

Google Analytics – Users up 50%, New Users up 50%, Sessions up 49%

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2020 vs. 2021 (Q2-Q4)

Clicks and Impressions up over 400%

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Q1: 2021 vs. Q4 2020

Organic Website Leads up 62%

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Previous Year April 1 to Dec. 31, 2020, vs. 2019 (not just Covid wins, 2020 also saw progress)
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Referring Domains - All Time

Link building results

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Organic Traffic – All Time

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Organic Keywords – All Time

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By Implementing a bottom-up strategy, Webserv helped Phlebotomy Training Specialist increase their local rankings and drive highly qualified organic traffic directly to their highest converting pages.  The result was a 50% Year-over-Year increase in Organic Users to their website and a 62% increase in organic leads.

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