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Earlens saw a 41% decrease in cost per lead across all paid media campaigns
how earlens tied marketing efforts to revenue

The Results

Increase in Clicks
Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Increase in Impressions

Client Overview

Earlens is a medical technology company that is transforming the hearing experience for those with hearing loss. The Earlens Hearing System is the only direct sound delivery system, which means that sound travels directly from the earpiece to the eardrum, bypassing the middle and outer ear. This allows wearers to hear sounds more clearly and distinctly than they ever have before. With a commitment to innovation and patient-centric design, Earlens is making it possible for people with all levels of hearing loss to enjoy life's rich conversations and melodies.

The Challenge

Earlens had been running search, video, and display campaigns on multiple platforms with another agency. When we took over their paid media campaigns, there was limited reporting and no real understanding of how their paid media efforts contributed to their revenue due to siloed marketing and sales data.

Although Earlens utilizes enterprise marketing and sales software, they lacked reporting that unified the two in a way that could inform marketing decisions. Trying to scale felt like guesswork without a clear understanding of which marketing efforts were driving revenue.


The Solution

When Webserv first took on Earlens as a client we reviewed their current campaigns in order to understand what was and was not working. After making significant changes, creating new creatives and adding new campaigns, Webserv was able to generate a 57% Increase in Clicks.

Additionally we built out and executed several successful YouTube Campaigns which resulted in a 41% Decrease in Cost Per Lead.

With adjustments to their targeted audience for our Paid Media Campaigns (PPC and YouTube) which lead to a 55% Increase in Impressions.

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