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LegitScript CBD Certification and Google Ads Eligibility

Are you a CBD manufacturer or retailer looking to advertise on Google? Google recognizes LegitScript’s certification program as a way to vet advertisers for eligible CBD products and websites. With a LegitScript CBD Certification, you can stand out in an increasingly crowded field of CBD manufacturers and retailers.  What is LegitScript, and what does it […]
Google ads now recognizes legit script for CBD
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Are you a CBD manufacturer or retailer looking to advertise on Google? Google recognizes LegitScript’s certification program as a way to vet advertisers for eligible CBD products and websites. With a LegitScript CBD Certification, you can stand out in an increasingly crowded field of CBD manufacturers and retailers. 

What is LegitScript, and what does it do?

LegitScript is a company that provides online pharmacy verification and monitoring services. The company aims to help ensure the safety and legality of online pharmacies by verifying that they meet regulatory standards and do not engage in illegal activities. LegitScript maintains a database of online pharmacies that have been approved or denied certification. It also offers various services to help online pharmacies comply with relevant regulations and laws.

The program helps ensure that legitimate businesses can be seen by customers looking for compliant CBD products. This gives these businesses an edge over the competition, as they are more likely to be seen by consumers who may be wary of buying from unverified sources.

How to get a LegitScript CBD Certification

To become certified, companies must submit an application for product certification with LegitScript, which their team of experts will review. If approved, companies then become eligible to submit their website for LegitScript Certification to advertise on Google and other platforms. 

Getting started with the process is simple – just visit the LegitScript website and fill out their online form, which includes basic information about yourself, your business, and your product catalog details. Once submitted, the organization’s team of experts will review your application and contact you directly if any questions or issues need to be addressed before approving or denying your request for certification.

Once approved, you can begin submitting your website for LegitScript Certification, which may take up to several weeks, depending on the complexity of your situation and any additional requirements needed from either party. However, once completed, you can begin advertising through Google without further delay! 

In addition to receiving this certification from LegitScript, advertisers must also comply with all external Google ads policies in order to successfully advertise their products.

LegitScript CBD Certification LegitScript CBD Certification and Google Ads Eligibility

CBD Certification Standards: Product and Website

CBD regulations are ever-changing. However, there are certain elements that customers look for when choosing a CBD product: quality, transparency, and safety. Fortunately, with LegitScript’s certification process, CBD manufacturers and distributors can ensure their products meet all the necessary standards. Let’s explore the standards to have your product and website LegitScript-certified.

CBD Product Certification Standards

Registration and Compliance

To ensure success and legal compliance, the applicant must possess a comprehensive knowledge of applicable standards and any licensure or registration requirements in countries where their product is manufactured, processed, or sold.

Product Quality

To receive certification, the applicant must be able to provide evidence of compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements related to supply chain management. Additionally, a Certificate of Analysis is required demonstrating that hemp-derived CBD used by the applicant complies with federal laws concerning cultivation and processing. 

To verify this further, LegitScript-approved testing facilities require unexpired samples of products submitted for review – these will include accurate levels associated with hemp compounds and ingredient concentrations that meet applicable legal demands.

Prior Discipline

LegitScript takes legal compliance, disciplinary sanctions, and other regulatory action very seriously when determining an applicant’s or product manufacturer’s legitimacy. Prior offenses or bad acts may be a disqualifying factor in judgment if they involve significant recent breaches of regulations.

External Practices

To ensure the safety and reliability of certified products, strict compliance with all applicable federal and state requirements must be observed. Moreover, labels on such products – particularly those containing CBD – shall adhere to FDA cosmetic regulations. In addition, any marketing materials used in connection with these items should not contain false or misleading claims as determined by LegitScript’s discretion; a failure to comply may result in an application denial.

Webserv CBD Cert2 LegitScript CBD Certification and Google Ads Eligibility

CBD Website Certification Standards

Registration and Compliance

All applicants must be registered as an incorporated entity or legal individual in the state they operate and comply with all applicable licensure requirements. Additionally, these obligations extend to any jurisdiction where products are sold or delivered.

To ensure accuracy, the domain name and registrant must clearly connect to an applicant’s business. Websites complying with this standard can publicize registration information, obtain EVSSL certification or submit sufficient documentation of their domain name paperwork to LegitScript for review.

Applicants must ensure that their contact information is clearly visible and easily accessible on their website. Doing so will help to foster seamless connections with interested parties.

Internal Practices

LegitScript requires corporate officers, directors, or those in charge of major business decisions to pass a criminal background check. Additionally, LegitScript requests disclosure of any past legal issues from the previous 10 years and may disqualify an applicant based on prior offenses at its discretion. 

The applicant, including any entities related to their work, must have a history of commitment to proper legal and regulatory procedures and not be subject to persistent or severe sanctions. For the application to be accepted, no affiliation or control must exist between the applicant and any other entity that fails to adhere to these standards.

External Practices

The applicant’s website must meet certain standards to comply with legal requirements. To ensure all CBD product advertising and language is certified by LegitScript, no therapeutic claims or attempts to bypass regulations can be made!

LegitScript strives to provide a secure environment for business customers, ensuring only legal and compliant products are advertised or sold. LegitScript maintains an up-to-date “Red Flag” list of prohibited items to ensure integrity within its certification process. Misrepresenting compliance or marketing history puts applications at risk – but taking proactively corrective steps can improve the evaluation outcome.

Webserv CBD Cert3 LegitScript CBD Certification and Google Ads Eligibility

Marketing Your Solution with Google Ads

With Google’s policy in place, businesses across the country can advertise their CBD products in California, Colorado and Puerto Rico. Webserv has provided assistance to dozens of companies seeking LegitScript approval and can help you get certified.

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[Updated on June 26th, 2023]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LegitScript CBD Certification?

LegitScript CBD Certification is a program that verifies the compliance and legitimacy of CBD products and businesses, ensuring they meet the highest standards of safety, legality, and transparency.

How can I obtain LegitScript CBD Certification?

To obtain LegitScript CBD Certification, businesses must undergo a thorough review process, which includes providing relevant documentation and meeting the stringent requirements set by LegitScript. Upon successful completion, the business receives a certification demonstrating their compliance.

What are the benefits of LegitScript CBD Certification?

LegitScript CBD Certification offers several benefits, such as increased credibility, trust, and visibility in the CBD industry. It helps businesses demonstrate their commitment to legal and ethical practices, providing reassurance to customers, payment processors, and advertising platforms.

Is LegitScript CBD Certification mandatory?

LegitScript CBD Certification is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended for CBD businesses seeking to establish a reputable presence in the industry. Many leading payment processors and advertising platforms require this certification for CBD-related products.

How long does LegitScript CBD Certification last?

LegitScript CBD Certification is valid for one year. After this period, businesses are required to undergo a re-evaluation to ensure continued compliance with the program’s standards and guidelines.

Can LegitScript CBD Certification be revoked?

Yes, LegitScript CBD Certification can be revoked if a business fails to maintain compliance with the program’s guidelines or engages in illegal or unethical practices. LegitScript regularly monitors certified businesses to ensure ongoing adherence to its standards.

How does LegitScript CBD Certification impact advertising opportunities

LegitScript CBD Certification plays a crucial role in accessing advertising opportunities on major platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Many advertising networks require this certification to advertise specific CBD products, making it an essential credential for businesses seeking to reach a wider audience.

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