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Granular Account Structure​

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Conversion Rate Optimization

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Strategies Designed for Your Business Goals

In competitive industries, not having a strong online presence isn’t an option. There are multiple forms of digital marketing you can use to promote your business, such as SEO/SEM, social media and email blasts, but one of the most effective forms to drive your campaign is with paid search ads.


Specialized Campaign Structure​

Don’t waste your time or money with ineffective keywords. When building a campaign, incorporate a granular paid search campaign structure called single keyword ad groups. A SKAG structure allows you to see which keywords are driving revenue—eliminating wasted spend and optimizing viewership.

Custom Landing Pages

After a potential client clicks on your PPC, a dedicated landing page will open. Unlike a home page, these landing pages are focused on a call to action (CTA), making it the ideal space for us to clearly express your brand’s unique value proposition (UVP) through persuasive copy, clean design and clear CTAs. This is an integral part of the ad process, which is why you need an advertiser, designer and strategist dedicated to each account.

Consistent CRO

One of the goals of PPC and landing pages is to persuade the viewer into performing a desired action, like calling your business or filling out a form. The way to improve the rates of this objective is through regular conversion rate optimization (CRO) such as A/B testing, multivariate testing and split testing. It’s more bang for your buck, plus, our average client sees a 100% increase in conversion rate in the first three months.

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