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Wavelengths Recovery

How Webserv Increased Wavelengths Keywords By 325%

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Wavelengths Recovery is an Addiction Treatment Center specializing in Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation in California. CEO and Founder Warren Boyd’s mission is to help those struggling with addiction put the pieces back together. Wavelengths runs 9 transitional supportive living homes in Huntington Beach with 6 state-licensed residential treatment centers.


Wavelengths Recovery came to Webserv looking for a way to move away from paid search and increase organic traffic and conversions. They had also opened up a new treatment center in Petaluma that they wanted to bring awareness to. With Wavelength’s reputation in the space, we knew that we would be able to bring their website to the top of search results — addressing on-page technical SEO and off-page link building.


By restructuring Wavelength’s website content and incorporating best technical SEO practices, we were able to help Wavelength’s new Petaluma location quickly rise through the rankings and improve their already established Huntington Beach location. Within a couple of months, Wavelengths began ranking on page one for a number of relevant keywords.

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“Webserv was amazing to work with. The web development team is truly gifted at web design and has worked with me on two different websites to bring my vision to life. SEO can be really complex and technical to understand. However, Webserv was great at breaking it all down and giving weekly updates about how my business is ranking, and providing suggestions on how to drive more traffic. I highly recommend the Webserv team!”

Janae Sullivan, Executive Director/Owner


Today, they rank in the top-3 for 20 highly relevant keywords in Petaluma and top-3 for 45 relevant keywords in Huntington Beach — an increase of 325% from our start date. Year-over-year, their traffic increased by 138%, their bounce rate reduced by 96%, their pages per session increased by 77%, and their impressions increased by 637%! We credit much of their success to successful link building with 434% more backlinks, improving their SEMrush Authority Score from 14 to 25.

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Authority score 14 to 25
1058 to 4600 backlinks
325% increase in Top 3 results
65 Keywords
992% increase in Top 4-10 results
1200% increase in Top 11-20 results
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637% increase in organic impressions YoY
138% increase in organic traffic YoY
96% reduction in organic bounce rate YoY
77% increase in Pages per Session YoY
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