In 6 months, SMPLSTC’s redesigned eCommerce site saw a 156% increase in conversions

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Client Overview

Founded in 2018, SMPLSTC is a web-based eCommerce store that sells a wide variety of CBD wellness brands and products. From topicals and tinctures to pre rolls and vape cartridges, their customers are able find exactly what they’re looking for, no matter what their needs may be. SMPLSTC has also expanded its product line into CBD gummies, CBD and melatonin capsules and CBD pain cream.

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Before our website redesign and our SEO strategy, SMPLSTC’s site was difficult to maneuver. The old site did not provide an intuitive shopping experience; it was difficult to find products and required a lot of scrolling. SMPLSTC wasn’t ranking well on SERPs either. The eCommerce site was struggling with authority, and it wasn’t even ranking for its own branded name. Both of these challenges presented huge problems for the online-based store.

Services Deployed

Search Engine Optimization

Web Design


We decided to redesign SMPLSTC’s website and revamp the eCommerce site’s SEO strategy. Our web designer designed the site so all the products could be easily found, added optimized CTAs and built an easier Add to Cart and Check Out experience. The new website is built for conversions, a better UX/UI and an easier interface. To improve SMPLSTC’s SEO, our SEO specialists focused on making the company rank first in organic searches for its branded content, they researched high-intent keywords the shop could rank for and then they worked with the company to diversify product offerings and promote product expansion.

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The Results Are In

After our website redesign and our SEO work, SMPLSTC saw significant results in its online ranking and conversion rank. In six months, the website’s total clicks increased by 211% and its conversion rate increased by 156%. SMPLSTC’s total clicks and impressions both improved dramatically as well.

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