Located on a beautiful, tranquil property in Mansfield, Texas, Riverwalk Ranch strives to provide comprehensive and innovative substance use disorder treatment. The treatment center fosters a high quality of care that has earned accreditation from The Joint Commission. For every client, Riverwalk Ranch uses measurable assessments and outcomes, works to establish individualized goals and implements proven strategies that promote longterm recovery.

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Riverwalk Ranch first came to us with high-authority and high-quality links to its site, but because its page content was poorly optimized, the company wasn’t receiving the full benefit of these links. We worked together to create a strategy that would improve the company’s net new leads each quarter from organic search traffic.

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Search Engine Optimization

Web Design

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Because of Riverwalk Ranch’s high authority, we knew that there were plenty of terms the business could potentially rank for. With this in mind, we focused on terms that could bring the most revenue in for Riverwalk. We also saw that Riverwalk was in need of a stronger keyword and content strategy, so we mapped all of the site’s URLs to better keywords and optimized the brand’s content strategy to rank for lead-driving terms.


After implementing a new keyword strategy, we were able to increase Riverwalk Ranch’s impressions by 70x by ranking for thousands of new terms. This resulted in a 13x increase in clicks from search. Due to the fact that we created better content, their bounce rate decreased by 70%.

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