Dr Paul’s By The Sea has been helping its patients recover from the use of alcohol and drugs for over 26 years. Its treatment centers are known for their premier standard of care, and the company provides a broad range of affordable treatment options designed to promote mental, physical and emotional health.

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Dr Paul’s By The Sea wanted to see better PPC results while generating more inbound leads from paid search. Before working with us, Spencer Recovery’s PPC campaigns needed work. The campaigns were poorly structured, used broad keywords and were directing paid traffic to an outdated website, which was not conducive to conversions. There were issues with Spencer Recovery’s ad copy and landing pages as well.

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Web Design

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We worked with Dr Paul’s By The Sea to change the brand’s media approach. By creating new landing pages and implementing single keyword ad groups, we were able to match Spencer Recovery’s messaging with user intent and deliver a better experience while highlighting the business’ unique selling proposition.


After working on Dr Paul’s By The Sea’s PPC campaign, the business saw a better ROI, more conversions and decreased cost per click. The improved landing pages and account structure resulted in 13x more conversions, and cost per click was brought down 75%. This brought more revenue to the business while saving costs.

Conversions: Q1 :2018 vs 2019

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Cost Per Click

As you can see, conversion rates increased dramatically from one year to the next without increasing ad spend. The cost per click was drastically decreased while conversion rates improved.

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