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There are a handful of techniques to improve your medical SEO strategy. But among the many SEO Specialists who claim they have a great clinic and hospital marketing strategy, our medical search engine optimization provides a low-cost, highly effective process to promote your healthcare practice.
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Why You Need SEO

About 73% of patients turn to search engines when looking for a health practitioner and 89% use search engines when trying to solve healthcare queries. Imagine how much your healthcare facility is losing in revenue when you don’t have online visibility!

Why Your Strategy Is Missing Revenue Opportunities

For many medical professionals running a private practice clinic, hospital or rehabilitation center, most healthcare marketing efforts are usually geared towards establishing an offline presence.

Although offline marketing strategies may increase your exposure, digital marketing is an integral part of your overall marketing plan, and on top of that long list of missed revenue opportunities is a constant stream of new patients you could be generating through medical search engine optimization.

Established healthcare facilities do not feel the need to hire a healthcare SEO agency—the primary problem usually lies in the fear that SEO for medical websites won’t be beneficial for generating revenue.

It’s imperative that your medical practice remains a primary choice for your potential patients. Our healthcare SEO strategy can help achieve the top of mind awareness (TOMA) needed to help your healthcare practice stand out.

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Why Your Current SEO for Medical Practice Isn’t Working

SEO for medical practices can be challenging for most online marketers. With so many people opting to stay at home and searching for everything online, the challenge is how to be visible and cope with the demand for online healthcare. 

For doctors and healthcare professionals alike, starting an online presence to address the problem of losing revenue can be tough.

The common mistake? Hiring a healthcare SEO agency that claims to be the best medical SEO company there is.

Creating a Powerful, Custom-Built Healthcare SEO Strategy

A patient-centered medical website with a focus on conversion is the key to a successful healthcare SEO Strategy.

We understand that digital marketing plans are not one-size-fits-all, which is why we provide a custom-built strategy that’s powerful enough to drive qualified leads while increasing online revenue.

We continually increase your online brand awareness to keep your medical practice ahead of the competition. Our proactive upward momentum is a proven tactic to develop brand recognition.

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Step 1: Discover

Discuss Goals and Pain Points

Share your online marketing struggles and aspirations with us and we will craft a winning strategy while guiding you through the healthcare SEO process

Perform Initial SEO Audit

Start pointing your marketing strategy in the right direction and celebrate immediate wins thanks to our comprehensive medical SEO audit.

Identify Competitors

Accelerate your healthcare marketing plan by analyzing what strategies are failing and working for your competitors.

Step 2: Plan

Advanced Keyword Research

With our advanced keyword research technique focused on user intent, your medical facility will not only rank for high-converting keywords but will also build more authority.

Customized Medical SEO Strategy

While you focus on addressing health issues for your target patients, we establish your online visibility by customizing a medical SEO strategy that will increase your overall revenue.

Establish Timelines

Everything we do for you is recorded. From website analysis to conversion rate optimization, we make sure that you are updated with timelines and detailed reports so you can seamlessly follow your healthcare marketing journey.

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Step 3: Optimize

Perform Technical SEO Audit and Fixes

Increase your online visibility as we help bring more visitors to your healthcare website by enhancing the user experience through better site navigation.

Unlock Local Optimizations

By creating a Google My Business (GMB) account, your healthcare facility will start showing up on local search results and gain traction for most targeted keywords.

Build Medical Business Listings

We make you visible to your potential patients. Be discovered not only on Google but also across dozens of different medical directories.

Integrate Conversion Optimization

With content specific to your medical expertise, we ensure that your visitors are turned into potential patients.

Step 4: Impact

Leverage Patient Reviews

It only takes a single bad online review for a prospective patient to get discouraged and form an opinion about you and your medical services. By gathering positive reviews, you can highlight your strengths and values while creating a better first impression.

Create Unique Patient Value Profiles

By crafting unique content that’s relevant to your patient profile, we can drive targeted traffic to your website while bringing growth and expansion to your medical practice.

Establish Medical Authority

Your credibility in the medical field is determined by the knowledge you provide your target audience and is reflected in your healthcare marketing strategy. Publishing valuable and reliable medical information on your website is the best way to establish your medical authority.

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Step 5: Focus

Clicks Into Revenue

Clicks do not necessarily mean revenue—potential patients won’t choose your medical services if they do not see your medical authority. We make sure that your healthcare SEO will bring higher clicks and revenue to your medical practice.

Healthcare Authority Growth

We regularly grow your healthcare authority by sharing expert-level knowledge with your target audience in order to build trust and establish healthcare authority.

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167% increase in organic traffic over the course of 7 months

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