Best Paid Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising

At Webserv, we know how important it is to diversify your advertising platforms. That’s why we offer paid search marketing: to establish a well-rounded digital marketing strategy and take your marketing to the next level.
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Grow Brand Awareness

A customized paid social strategy can increase brand awareness by exposing your business via ads that your target demographic can view. Boost your potential consumer base by showing off your brand name, values, mission, and logo.

Find New Customers

Because you have control over the criteria of your ad targeting, you can ensure that your ads are shown to people who are most likely to click on them, so no more wasting time by casting a wide net!

Remarket to Existing Customers

We’ll also help you create compelling, relevant ads so you can remarket to people who have already shopped or interacted with you. It’s a great way to build trust and maximize your conversions.

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Webserv Does Things Differently

Increase Brand Reach and Boost Conversions With Paid Social

We’re not ones to waste time — we know that at the end of the day, your pay-per-click marketing initiatives have to contribute to your bottom line. The ultimate goal is to grow your business, which is why our mission is to build and manage campaigns that increase and generate positive ROI while also boosting your traffic and engagement.

Dedicated Account Manager

At Webserv, you’ll have access to your own digital marketer with expertise in paid social advertising. You rest easy knowing that your account manager understands your goals and objectives like the back of their hand, and you can feel reassured that they will manage your campaign with honesty and transparency.

Targeting on a Granular Level

Paid social media, like organic social media, helps businesses target customers and increase revenue. But rather than throwing out the best hashtags and hoping for the best, paid social allows us to get ultra-specific in how we target your audience, increasing your conversion rate.

Eye-Catching Creative

Deliver ads that your target audience actually wants to see. We provide a winning formula for ​​paid social: captivating copy + engaging creative = a successful campaign. Combine this with granular targeting and you have an ad that can maximize brand awareness and conversions.

Clear-Cut Reporting

Other digital marketing companies may give you reports that have more numbers in them than a phone book — but that’s not our style. We know you have a business to take tend to, which is why our reports are clear, simple, and only include the information that you care about.

Paid Social Ads People Want to Stop Scrolling For ​

You may already be participating in organic social media marketing, but if you want to kick your efforts into high gear, you should opt for paid social.

Paid social media is a means of targeting a certain sub-audience by presenting advertising or sponsored messages on major social media platforms. This type of marketing aids in the targeting of consumers and the generation of sales, just like organic social media. Sure, organic is free, so why pay for it? The answer is simple: you’ll see more speed to market, campaign longevity, and a higher message frequency.

Due to the algorithms that work behind the scenes of the most prominent social media platforms, organic social media traffic can take days to generate. If you’re running a short campaign, the time it takes to get your campaign up and running can cost you visibility and leads. Your campaign can take off quickly with paid social media — organic posts simply can’t keep up with that. You’ll be able to maintain traffic, garner views, grow engagement, and retarget users for as long as your set budget will allow, letting you achieve a controlled ad frequency.

Let’s face it: the majority of native social metrics don’t tell us too much, which is why paid social is such a great opportunity for businesses to learn more about their audiences.

Paid social insights are super detailed. Ad campaigns can give you direct information on the social media metrics that are most important to your company, like demographics, which promotions perform best, and how your organic social compares with your social ads.

In this business, knowing your audience is everything. At Webserv, we offer display and pay-per-click ads for social media platforms that are created specifically for your targeted audience — no matter how niche. This allows us to help our customers see more conversions, a higher ROI, and less wasted ad spend.


As soon as your paid social ad is approved, it can get to work and start reaching out to a bigger and better audience, but worthwhile results take some time, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to yield outstanding numbers.

Here’s why it takes a little time: new paid social campaigns can’t run off of existing data or performance history because there simply isn’t any yet. You’re essentially starting from square one.

But even though you need to give it a little time to get established and give it room to learn, the sooner you begin integrating paid social campaigns into your overall digital marketing strategy, the better.

In the beginning stages, while your campaign is in its growing pains of becoming more effective, you may see some wasted ad spend, but this is completely normal. These are the moments when we get to focus your campaign’s efforts on collecting data from advertising, which you can then use to optimize your bids as well as your audience and keyword targeting. Consider it a boot camp for your campaign — reviewing all of this important data will help you improve your campaign’s overall performance in the long run.

Other companies may say that a paid social campaign with pay per click and display ads will need around three months to become truly effective: one month for data monitoring, another for bids, keywords, and targeting, and another for testing and scaling. At Webserv, however, we can accomplish all of that and start yielding positive results in 45-60 days. And that’s way faster than just using organic strategies!

Short answer: yes. With so many people turning to their phones and social media for a daily escape, it would be a mistake to not try to take advantage of that marketing platform.

Not only do over 4.48 billion individuals use their favorite social app on an everyday basis, but they also use an average of 6.6 different social media networks. It’s easy to see that the rate of expansion is remarkable, and the rate at which new social media network platforms are adopted is just as incredible.

Surprisingly, social media platforms are making inroads into the workplace. In reality, social media is used for work by 40% of all internet users across the globe. This is where marketers stepped up their game and began utilizing social media advertising to its full potential. Ads on social media are a must-have for modern business, and boosting them on paid social media could help you hit the jackpot.

For digital marketers, paid social advertising can be a game-changer. Because organic reach is difficult to come by in today’s online world, businesses tend to rely on paid social. Thus, the social media advertising ecosystem is alive and well, and ready to be used.

Find Your Objective

First things first — narrow down the objective of your paid social media strategy.

Setting a goal and a direction for your paid social media campaign provides your subsequent strategies something to work toward. Consider this method to be a road trip: you begin your travel with the intention of arriving at your destination by a specific time. Your audience begins their journey with your business on their newsfeed, and your goal is to take them to the endpoint, which could be an email subscription form, special offers on your website, or simply just your social media profile.

To figure out where your audience is at the beginning of their journey, we’ll use settings, filters, and other criteria to narrow down your audience. This way, we can ensure that everyone you’re targeting is on the same page. It isn’t necessary for this to be a physical location (although it can be); you can target users based on their age, profession, and even their hobbies.

Once we’ve established the starting point, it’s time to clarify the destination. Even though different social media ad platforms have different conversion techniques, the end aim is nearly always the same: encourage users to give you their contact information. This could be accomplished through forms, sign-up offers, or a certain landing page on your website (depending on your business needs).

Calculate Your Budget

Once you find your objective, you can figure out your budget. Like PPC, paid social media is one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies you have in your digital marketing arsenal. This pay-to-play concept allows you to target only the people your company wants to reach, so you only have to pay for those who interact.

Unlike TV and radio commercials, which are charged according to the length of the slot and the time the ads will show, social media ads are priced according to the length of the campaign and the potential number of impressions you’ll be aiming for with your ads. As a result, when compared to traditional ads, these sorts of ads have a far more favorable KPI to track cost per acquisition. This is much more valuable data as opposed to the vague, per-million impressions traditional ads track.

Because of the bidding model and lottery system used by some platforms to place advertising in users’ newsfeeds, paid social media ads can start as little as $1. The amount of money you may spend on this sort of advertising is essentially limitless, but you can establish a restriction to prevent the campaign from going over budget.

Select Platforms to Advertise On

While we are versed in LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, TikTok, and more, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for our clients.

— Facebook:
It’s a fantastic idea to use Facebook Targeted Ads when advertising on Facebook — it’s the most accessible, powerful ad platform for a reason! Targeted Ads are powered by a bidding system, which is a form of ad buying where advertisers compete for a number of ads based on their intended target demographic. The bid will then be entered into a lottery for a chance to be chosen and shown to that audience.

Based on geography, demographics, interests, and other factors, Facebook advertising can reduce an audience down to only a few hundred people. While this may not be advantageous to most huge organizations, for a smaller business, it might mean the difference between a slow month and a sold-out day.

Aside from the lottery, Facebook Ads allows you to target your clients with advertisements depending on certain actions they take. This is advantageous since you may continue to advertise to your existing Facebook clients based on Facebook’s information about their app usage.

Facebook Ads can help you create new leads and raise brand awareness, which is why we try out multiple ad types to see what your audience responds to the most, then review reports and analytics that are ideal for experimenting with variables like post time and content kind.

— Instagram:
Don’t second-guess this platform for your business: 84% of Instagram users are finding new products, up from 64% just four years ago. With such rapid expansion, it’s not a bad idea to pay for a space in front of the platform’s 1.16 billion accounts.

You’ll need a business profile to run advertisements on Instagram, which also allows you to set up an ecommerce store straight on the app. This is helpful if you don’t have a ready-to-accept-payments website or if you’re just getting started with ecommerce — but our amazing web designers can always take care of that for you.

Because Facebook owns Instagram, we’re able to run advertisements on both platforms at the same time and use Facebook’s analytic reports for both.

You can set an ad spend amount that fits your budget using Instagram Ads. This can start as low as $1! This cost is determined by the campaign’s timeline and the size of your target audience. We compare Instagram Ads to filling up at a gas station: you get exactly what you pay for. Your Instagram ad campaign will continue for as long as you pay for it.

Scale Your Strategy

When you invest money in a campaign, no matter how big or small, you’ll want a long-term ROI that proves the effort, budget, and resources you put in were all worthwhile. Because your ROI is increasing, you’ll be able to scale your campaigns in the future, and sponsored ads can help you achieve your goals.

If you’re doing this in-house, you’ll need to track all of your hard work to calculate your ROI and review complex reporting and analytics across multiple platforms — but don’t worry, this is where we can really take the weight off your shoulders!

Whether you’re a big or small business, Webserv specializes in conducting multi-channel paid social ads based on our clients’ first-party data. We also use this information to create highly successful and profitable campaigns that meet your target audience where they are. And we can do all that while expanding your brand’s reach and establishing trust between your company and its users.

If our results-yielding deliverables are the sundae, then the cherry on top is our no-BS campaign management. We believe it’s crucial for our clients to understand how their paid social ads are functioning. Our clear, easy-to-understand campaign reporting will make you feel more informed and more empowered as a business owner.

Not only will you receive monthly reports that include rankings, traffic, conversions, and other campaign-specific key performance indicators (KPIs), but we will also present data that is tailored to your individual goals and demands so you can get straight to what you’re really curious about.

Paid Social Ads People Want to Stop Scrolling For

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