SEO for Lawyers

Optimization With Precision

You’ve spent years establishing your reputation in your field, but you feel that you could be attracting more potential clients. One way to fix this is by investing in law firm SEO.


Optimized for Success

When done correctly, SEO will boost your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) and help you attract more visitors to pages on your website—ultimately helping you increase your clientele. 

A winning SEO campaign is a must in order to compete with other law firms in your area, and we know exactly what to do to give your site and your practice that competitive edge.

Rank for Keywords That Matter

Our SEO specialists conduct extensive keyword research in order to discover what keywords can get you to the front page of Google. They target keywords that are attainable and are regularly searched for, including:
  • Informative terms: These are important to your firm and your practice areas because they will help potential clients learn more about the services you offer (they also make great topics for blog posts.
  • Purchasing terms: These terms are targeted for search queries with purchasing intent.
  • Brand terms: These keywords contain your brand name and other trademarked terms so searchers can find you more easily.
  • Competitor terms: These are the branded and trademarked terms of your competitors—we’ll see how they’re performing and strategize accordingly to give your practice that competitive advantage.
Along with all of this keyword research, our team will also dive into how better attract your target audience with customer consideration topics, decision-stage topics, local keywords and long-tail keywords.
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Competitor Analysis

Don’t stop at researching your competitors’ terms: take a look at their entire SEO strategy. We like to devote time to exploring the different aspects of competing firms’ strategies, such as their:
  • Content marketing strategies (email, promotional, blogs, social media, etc.)
  • Services and customer satisfaction
  • Target audience
  • Business model
  • Source of funding
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses

After learning and gathering data on your competitors, we apply this knowledge to optimize your marketing strategy and your website.

Law Firm Website Optimization

In order to rank well, each page on your site needs to be optimized to its fullest potential. Our expertise in legal and attorney SEO has allowed us to formulate a three-tiered plan for optimizing websites for lawyers:
  • High-quality content: This highlights you and your legal practice as an established voice in your field.
  • Cutting-edge practices: We only use the most current practices for HTML and image optimization.
  • Web design: Own a website that you can be proud of that’s as SEO-friendly as it is user-friendly.

These points are all crucial for on-page optimization—not only will you be able to attract more potential customers organically, but you’ll also see an increase in the number of site visitors pick up the phone and give you a call (especially after we optimize for conversions).

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Conversion Optimization

There’s no reason to take all of these measures if you won’t see an influx of new customers. We understand that it’s important for digital marketing efforts to generate more clients, so after building a professional website, creating high-quality content and building a customized SEO strategy, we focus on these conversion factors:

  • Advanced page design: Intentionally guide your site visitors to specific areas of your web pages that will influence them to fill out a form or press a call button.
  • Analytics: Tools like Google Analytics help us to determine what is working for your law practice site and what isn’t.
  • Content: Your site’s content should offer answers to your site visitors’ search queries.
  • Heat mapping: One of the best ways to improve user experience is by looking at heat maps, a way of seeing how site visitors behave on your page.
Looking into these conversion factors will help to increase and improve your click-through rate, which leads your business to see better results (and more clients).

Local SEO Strategy

Local SEO is an integral part of any business’s SEO strategy.

According to Think With Google, 60% of smartphone users have directly used a local search result (like the click to call option) to contact a business directly.

If your firm isn’t appearing at the top of local search results, you are missing out on connecting with potential clients. 

We work with multiple directories and maneuver through other ranking factors to make sure that when someone searches for a law firm in their area, you’ll be one of the first they see.

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