How to Optimize Google Ads Landing Pages

PPC advertising has become one of the greatest assets for businesses to leverage. PPC advertising contributes to overall business goals, works exceptionally well with other marketing channels, and is measurable and trackable to enable businesses to see and improve their performance.


Google Ads is the most popular PPC network thanks to Google’s impressive volume of searches globally. Businesses that incorporate Google Ads into their digital marketing strategy often experience better results overall. But if you want to maximize your PPC marketing efforts, combining your Google Ads with a dedicated landing page is key.


A highly targeted and engaging landing page helps your Google Ad perform better and ultimately helps you generate more revenue for your business. Today, we’re going to discuss what a Google Ad landing page is, the benefits, and how to optimize your Google Ad landing pages for success.

What is a Google Ad Landing Page?

Google Ads are paid advertisements offered by Google. These ads appear in the search results on, which is the largest search engine, dominating 92.47 percent market share and on other websites through the Display Network


Google Ads are an excellent addition for businesses that want to advertise and promote their products or services to a wider market. Ultimately, when someone searches for relevant keywords, your ad will appear in the search engine, thus connecting you with your target customer. 


But while Google Ads are a highly-targeted and effective way to attract your target customers, running an ad alone isn’t enough. If an ad is designed to attract customers, a landing page is designed to help businesses convert. 


A landing page is a standalone page, different from your homepage, that visitors land on. It serves a very distinct purpose and is the next step in the conversion process.


Landing pages are often paired with PPC ads, such as a Google Ad, to help further communicate what the ad is offering and maximize PPC marketing efforts. Once someone clicks on the ad, they will be directed to a dedicated landing page, which enables businesses to encourage what happens next.


Whether you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter or purchase a product, a landing page helps businesses guide visitors down the sales funnel. Not forgetting to mention that it promotes a better user experience.


The Benefits of a Google Ad Landing Page

Someone has taken interest in your ad, but what happens next? Your ad is meant to attract the attention of your target audience, but it can only do so much. The post-click landing page should further communicate your offering and motivate the visitor to take action. Ultimately, a well-connected landing page will help narrow the focus of your visitors, keep them engaged, and make them a lot easier to convert. 


This is because a landing page gives you a better opportunity to promote a product or service, enables you to effectively make a call to action, and customize the experience that visitors have on your website. 


If that’s not enough, pairing a quality landing page with your Google ad will enable you to do the following:


Thanks to the refined and targeted nature of landing pages, businesses can maximize their digital marketing efforts by increasing their level of engagement compared to just using PPC alone.

Google Ads Best Practices: How to Build an Effective PPC Landing Page

If you’re ready to build an effective PPC landing page that wins, take a look at these 5 best practices to follow.

1. Connect Your Page Title to Your Ad

In order to create an effective PPC landing page, your ad and landing page must connect. This means that you need to prioritize creating a cohesive experience between the two.


With that said, be sure that your landing page title aligns with your ad copy. The last thing that a visitor wants to do is be intrigued by an ad, click on it, only to find that the following landing page appears completely different. 


If a visitor can’t immediately see the connection, they will quickly leave. For this reason, it’s important to keep your title simple, yet informative, and be sure that the title feels like an extension of the copy they found on your ad.

2. Add Trust Indicators

If a visitor is on your PPC landing page, this is likely their first time interacting with your business. This is why it’s highly important that you include trust indicators within your landing page to keep their attention.  


The truth is, consumers aren’t naturally trustworthy when it comes to where they spend their money or invest their time. You want to leave an impression that says you’re worth considering. You can easily include trust indicators by adding things to your landing pages, such as client testimonials, client logos, and positive reviews.

3. Clear Call to Action

A visitor doesn’t know what you want them to do when they reach your PPC landing page. So, you need to tell them. Ultimately, a clear call-to-action is one of the most important aspects of a successful landing page.


Landing pages that are vague often see little response, which defeats the entire purpose. With that said, you should avoid using vague statements, such as “Learn more” and “Buy now”. Additionally, ensure that your CTA is above the fold where it is easily seen by visitors.

4. Add Negative Space

The goal of your landing page isn’t to rank, you want to convert. This is why it’s best to avoid filling up your landing page with as much information as possible. Instead, you want to include just enough information that clearly communicates the goal of the landing page, while including sufficient negative space.


For the best user experience, keep your landing page layout clean, simple, and establish a hierarchy of information. Your landing page should have some white space throughout, which gives your readers a little breathing room when interacting with your landing page.

5. Add Images or Video

While using text is an effective form of communication, you can greatly improve your PPC landing page by including images or videos to help visitors get a better understanding of your product or service. 


When done correctly, a landing page can provide amazing results for PPC marketing. If you’re ready to optimize your landing page, be sure to incorporate these 5 practices.

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