How to Create a Winning B2B Facebook Ad Campaign

Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, and 66% of B2C and 52% of B2B marketers appreciate the value of Facebook ads. B2B brands appear to be lagging behind, while consumer brands continue to reap benefits from Facebook ads. Many B2B companies struggle to develop an effective social media marketing plan despite Facebook being super common.


Many B2B companies, despite understanding the benefits of Facebook ads, still choose to pursue old lead generation techniques. They’re unfamiliar with new territories, so they choose to stick to what they know. 


A B2B buyer’s journey is easier than that of a typical consumer. Therefore, any B2B company that embarks on Facebook Ads will have their job cut out for them. It takes much more than a great digital campaign or brochure to convert a prospective consumer into a paying customer. 


In this article, we will look at how to design effective B2B Facebook Ads and discuss B2B Facebook AD best practices.

Marketers Are Diversifying From Facebook, but the Platform Remains Strong

With the growth of other social media outlets like TikTok and Snapchat, it is natural that the market shares might reduce. Since 2019, Facebook’s dominance in marketing strategies has been progressively diminishing.


When asked to name their single most significant platform, only 54% of marketers questioned chose Facebook, down from 73% in 2018. 12% of marketers said they expect to reduce their organic marketing on Facebook, while only 47% plan to increase their organic operations on the site.


That said, Facebook is still the best bet for reaching a world-wide B2B audience. For perspective, a whopping 93 percent of marketers utilize Facebook. 54% of marketers say Facebook is their most significant social channel. Facebook Live is the most popular live video platform, with 30% of marketers using it. 75 percent of marketers use Facebook ads, and 61 percent consider the Facebook ads platform to be the most crucial B2B and B2B for marketing.

Use Facebook Ads To Drive B2B Customer Engagement and Retention

B2B Facebook advertisements enable businesses to raise brand awareness, entice customers to try their products, and sell products and services right away.


When leveraged well, most people will agree that Facebook can inspire increased brand awareness and engagement, new customer acquisitions, and affordable conversions and retentions. Yet somehow Skeptics linger, with multi-touch B2B marketing.

Why are B2B Facebook ads harder to pull off?

The difference between the B2B and B2C markets couldn’t be more apparent. In the B2C market, the product is sold to the consumers or end-users directly. In B2B marketing, the decision-maker is often not the end-user of the product, but you have to help them make the best decisions for their companies.


Facebook B2B ads often promote high-value commodities and services. This would mean that while a B2C ad will be measured on the success of a single sale, a B2B ad’s impact will most likely be judged by the minimum cost equivalent.

To create a high performing Facebook Ad:


Indeed, the reputation of the entire company might be at stake, so CEOs try to ensure they get everything right before presenting it to the board of directors. So, make sure it’s the solution they actually need.

In most cases, this is necessary because of the transparency requirements of the decision-making process, especially if the buyers are not the decision-makers. Building a strong relationship is important since you can easily respond to queries on your page.

You need to target a particular audience with the right information that answers all their questions. This means finding out their greatest pain points and showcasing how your organization can help.

It’s unlikely that an ad that will generate engagement at the top of the funnel will have a similar impact on bottom-of-the-funnel conversions, and vice versa. However, most B2B marketers like informative content that’s not click bait.

Here’s a great Facebook ad that’s conversational and targets a unique market: 


Webinar Jam Campaign from Mike Filsaime & Andy Jenkins » Swipe File Archive » Marketing & Copywriting Examples (


When a customer lands or interacts with your website,  the Facebook Pixel is triggered and reports back the user’s actions. The data from the pixel activity can be found in Facebook’s ad manager.


The pixel will track the customer’s journey throughout their time on your website.  It can reveal whether or not they performed certain actions that you might have wanted them to, whether it is buying a product, signing up for a service, filling out a contact form, or pressing the call button. 


Being able to see the customer’s journey gives you the ability to learn more about your target audience and how they engage with your website.  Once you’ve gathered some data and learned more about your target audience you can then better focus your ads on certain demographics and characteristics, retarget your campaign and overall optimize your ads.

​Essential elements of B2B Facebook advertising

By understanding how to compose good B2B Facebook ads, you can find your prospects faster, target them, and overcome your conversion and retention figures competition.


We’ll cover these B2B Facebook best practices and essential components for B2B Facebook ads:

Use the Right Tools

If you are considering improving your site, you must use the right tools to optimize your content. The Facebook conversions API is a tool in your Facebook data arsenal that guarantees access to all the data you need to craft a high-performing ad. With it, you can track, analyze, and optimize your Facebook marketing performance.


B2B Facebook marketers must enable conversion tracking; having a working Conversions API will allow you to optimize the value of bespoke audiences or niche markets, as well as provide your business with essential attribution data.


Once you’ve got the Facebook Conversions API up and running, it’s time to get your products or services in front of the relevant individuals.

Understanding Your Marketing Objectives

Facebook provides a well-structured campaign creation experience that breaks down all campaign objectives into three categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. There is a big difference between B2C and B2B Facebook marketing strategies.


Successful Facebook advertising necessitates understanding your target audience, your buyer persona, and your marketing funnel. B2B Facebook advertising is much like B2C advertising, where you can’t speak to different buyer personas in the same way and expect the results you seek.

B2B Facebook Ad Signaling and Pitching

Besides the distinct conversion funnel stages, B2B Facebook demographics differ in terms of job seniority, industry, and a variety of other criteria. This means that the message you send to C-suite executives will be considerably different from the message you convey to assistants.


So, take your time defining the conversion activities you need your intended audience to execute. Before moving on to the development of messaging and value propositions, these should be properly established. Demonstrate to potential clients that there is a solution to improve their work efficiency or improve the company’s bottom line, with the solution being your products.


While it may appear to be an unusual pairing, merging your Facebook advertisements and B2B audiences, for many companies, is the next frontier in B2B advertising.


Your B2B deals may take longer to close than B2C agreements, but with the reach of Facebook marketing, the tradeoff is much more welcome. You have to put more work into brand awareness and lead nurturing initiatives.

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