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These days, anyone can go online to research an ailment or a symptom, but as a healthcare professional, you know better than anyone how important it is to have access to the right medical care! Help your potential patients find your practice during their online search with a PPC campaign.


Why You Need PPC

If you’re looking for more leads and new patients, you should look into testing and investing in paid search advertising. Out of millions of healthcare searches, 90% of them are performed online—that’s a huge audience for your practice to reach, and you’re more likely to catch their attention when you appear in the top three results on the first search results page.

Efficiency Is Key

Using healthcare PPC is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing you could partake in for your practice.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of competition for medical search terms online, and while healthcare SEO should play a strong role in your strategy, ranking highly on search engine results pages with organic SEO alone would be a tricky feat.

With paid search ads, your practice can generate at one of the top placements on the SERP for your chosen terms.

With a higher placement on the SERP, your practice is more likely to obtain more traffic to your specialized and highly-optimized landing pages. And while this may sound pricey, PPC is surprisingly cost-efficient.
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Another benefit of utilizing PPC campaigns is that paid search is a budget-friendly tactic. 

Unlike other forms of advertising or media, you can set your budget amounts and allotments on a granular level, plus, you only pay if someone clicks on your PPC ad.

With PPC, there’s no need to cast a wide net: you can control every element, including your keywords, negative keywords, budgeting and audience.
And, if nothing else, your ad will still appear in a high placement on the SERP, which will increase brand awareness and recognition (free of charge).

Waste Not, Want Not

While PPC is an incredibly cost-effective form of marketing, it can still be a pricey option.

That being said, because of the control PPC campaigns grant you, you’ll notice that (if done correctly) it will also help you minimize any wasted ad spend. 

With proper PPC practices, you will be able to generate higher-quality leads, influence specific conversions and minimize wasted spend, which will all influence your overall return on investment.

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We Can Help!

Whether you’re looking to amp up the performance of your existing healthcare PPC campaigns or you’re beginning from square one and need to build a complete strategy from scratch, we can help you out. 

Our experts can help you construct a comprehensive PPC strategy that can help you reach a more specific audience, attract higher-quality leads and generate more business without breaking the bank.

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