Put Your Best Look Forward

Your site should align with your marketing strategy to attract new prospects, be optimized for conversions, and, most importantly, resonate with potential patients so they remember you as a trustworthy expert in your field. 


The Power of a First Impression

As a plastic surgeon, you know how much of a role aesthetics play in first impressions. And when it comes to standing out online, a state of the art site is essential. Your site should align with your marketing strategy to attract new prospects, be optimized for conversions, and resonate with potential patients. 

Showcase Your Expertise

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, you know that potential patients have to see the proof in order to believe it. 

While high-quality blogs and web copy will help drive site traffic and answer search queries, your photo gallery is what shows site visitors your expertise.

This alone makes your Before and After photo gallery one of the most important features of your plastic surgery site. 

By using high-quality visuals that highlight successful procedures, by optimizing your images and videos with alt-text and by utilizing the right resolution for your site, you’ll end up with a page that impresses your site visitors and drives potential patients to convert—without sacrificing your page speed or design.
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Use Click-to-Call Features

One of the most convenient elements you could introduce to your site is a click-to-call button.

With one press of a button, a potential patient can get in touch with your office and you can begin building a more personal relationship right away.

And with the analytics that you’re able to gather from this feature, it’s a win-win!

Some of these include: 

  • Leading potential patients into the next phase of the sales funnel
  • Measuring the conversion of web-based traffic into direct phone calls
  • Learn more about who is calling your office

A click-to-call button is a must for your site, both for your patients’ sakes and yours, and you can entice more visitors to take that next step and contact you with well-designed CTAs.

Convert With CTAs

The goal is to build a beautiful site with a low bounce rate and a high conversion rate—and to accomplish this:

Design your website in a way that drives traffic while promoting site visitors to stay on your website longer.

When combined with other aspects of a winning digital marketing strategy, your plastic surgery practice will be turning heads online in no time!

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