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healthcare professional conducting a survey. Healthcare Brand Research
Brand research is a critical component of any successful branding strategy, as it enables providers to understand how patients perceive their brand, identify areas for improvement, and develop effective branding initiatives that improve patient satisfaction and loyalty.
Doctor showing a patient a brochure to highlight the importance of healthcare brand management.
Healthcare Brand Management plays a vital role in building trust, enhancing reputation, and achieving business goals. By following the best practices and guidelines, healthcare organizations can create a strong and effective brand identity.
happy patient at a hospital displaying healthcare brand experience
Creating a successful healthcare brand experience (HBE) is essential for healthcare organizations looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.
healthcare web accessibility. Elderly man squinting at phone
Healthcare website accessibility is more important now than ever before. Not only is it a legal requirement, but it's also essential for providing high-quality care to all patients, regardless of their abilities.
Group of individuals creating the brand identity for a healthcare organization
The ultimate resource for healthcare organizations looking to master their brand identity.
breaking down brand strategy for healthcare organizations
The future-proof healthcare brand requires a timeless strategy. This post explores the essential elements of a successful brand strategy in the healthcare industry.
plastic surgery website design thumbnail
Get inspired by the best plastic surgery website designs and gather data that includes web vitals from GTmetrix and average organic traffic from SEMrush.
the ultimate guide to mobile design
An overwhelming majority of internet users (About 93%!) browse on mobile apps and devices—so it’s no wonder that your SEO is strongly affected by how your website performs on mobile.
Homepage vs. landing page_ what's the difference
Although your homepage and landing page can be similar in some ways, there are major differences between the two. Here are the four main differences between homepages and landing pages.
web based tools for easy photo editing
It seems that now more than ever, aesthetics are everything. It’s no longer good enough to have nice photos or graphics—they have to be amazing.
website redesign checklist
Maximize your redesign with our 10-step website redesign checklist. Learn the essential steps for a user-friendly website that drives conversions.
LegitScript, Google and Rehab Ads
It has been almost a year since google banned addiction treatment center ads on their platform and the effect has been felt across the addiction treatment industry. This has been a major hurdle when marketing a rehab, because most trips to an addiction treatment center start with a search on Google. With the new rules, […]