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Treatment Center Marketing

We Help Treatment Centers Scale Their Facilities

We fill treatment center beds with custom tailored SEO and PPC services, provide clear reporting to prove it, and maintain transparency and communication with biweekly meetings.
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Take the guesswork out of growth and establish a flow of admits.
Work with a team of who understand insurance and levels of care.
Exceed your revenue goals and make data-driven decisions.

Get qualified Leads from multiple channels

We do more than just bring in leads. Our expertise lies in reaching the right people, those who are actively seeking treatment and ready to make a decision. We dive deep into what makes your facility unique and craft a custom strategy. This means the calls you receive are from individuals who are not just looking, but are ready to embark on their journey to recovery with you.

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO approach targets competitive, high-intent keywords to not just attract relevant traffic but also educate visitors about treatment.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

By closely working with your admissions team, our PPC campaigns drive calls that convert, helping keep your treatment center at full capacity.

Website Design and Development

We ensure your website is built with conversion-focused call-to-actions at its core. Laying the foundation for seo and ppc success.

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Why choose Webserv as your marketing partner?

Clear Communication

We ensure regular engagement through recurring meetings with your account manager.

Meetings are typically held on a biweekly basis, with the option for weekly sessions as needed to ensure alignment and address any immediate concerns.

Our team is adept at integrating with your admissions teams during these meetings, ensuring every viable job, referral, or admit is accurately tracked and attributed.

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Transparent Reporting

Dual-Focused Metrics

Our reports provide a detailed overview of campaign performance, tracking key marketing metrics and lead counts from calls and form submissions.

Lead Breakdown

We work with your admissions team, to categorize leads into VOBs, Viable VOBs (typically PPO with out-of-network benefits), and Admits for strategy refinement.

Specialized Expertise
We work with primarily treatment centers providing us with industry-specific insights.
Optimal Account Load
Account managers handle a maximum of 8 accounts, ensuring personalized service and regular, detailed reports.
Full Transparency
Our hallmark is transparency and honesty; we prioritize educating our partners and not sugar coating.
Discover the Impact of SEO on Revenue and ROI

Learn how an orange county addiction treatment center got 85 admits in one year resulting in a 2,297% ROI.

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Ready to turn guesswork into predictable growth?

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