Rehab Lead Generation Tips

Marketing an addiction treatment center seems to get harder by the day, but there seems to be more and more people needing and seeking help with their addictions. This article outlines some of the reasons for this and seeks to provide additional insight.

If you are an out of network provider of substance use disorder treatment, finding the right insurance plans can be difficult, but is imperative for a treatment center to get paid fairly in order to operate. There are a number of different strategies to acquire good paying insurance plans, but most are ineffective or too expensive.

To complicate things further, plans in California are typically no good. If you go to a local Alcoholics Anonymous meeting and you notice all the newcomers seem to be from out of state you should be able to start connecting some dots. -Spoiler alert- They aren’t actually on vacation.

So where are all these treatment centers finding the good leads, and why can’t you?

Step 1. Finding good payers

The main reason a lot of treatment centers can’t find good leads is because they don’t know where to look. Your aging report and data from previous clients is a good place to start finding insight on who pays well and start finding trends. If you can’t make any sense of that you may want to partner with a behavioral health billing company that provides these insights.

Usually what you will find is a couple trends:

  1. Decent Exchange Plans are from certain areas of the country only
  2. Certain Employer Plans pay well regardless of location

You will begin to find that some of these plans are paying up to ten times more than some of the ones currently filling your beds. How would it affect you business if you could be at maximum capacity all the time with the best plans? Once you have a detailed list of payers the problem seems to be one that is solvable, but where do you start?

Step 2. Creating a strategy

Now that we know what a qualified lead looks like we start looking for places to find them. So lets break up our efforts into 2 parts to be in line with the list we generated in the previous step:

  1. So let’s say we know of about 10 states that have good paying exchange plans. Well that’s easy enough we change our current ppc campaigns to target users in these locations. Also maybe modify our landing pages to optimize for conversions (i.e . people in New Jersey might not react the same to the landing page copy as someone in California). Better yet make individual landing pages and serve them to users based upon their location.
  2. If certain companies have the best paying plans then we know we want leads with these employer plans, but many platforms don’t give you the opportunity to target based upon a certain employer. Facebook seems to be the solution here, but if you don’t do it right it won’t work. A good campaign that targets large group employers that pay well has the potential to work miracles for your treatment center.

Step 3. Execution

I’m not going to provide too much insight here, either you have a good digital marketing team or you don’t. If you have these lists and your prospective client is well defined and targeted and you have good ads and landing pages it is going to work well. If you don’t it won’t. So if your phones aren’t ringing and you are struggling to admit clients like never before, you need to change with the industry. Give WebServ a call. We will give you a free digital marketing audit and help you make the needed changes.


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