We Know Plastic Surgeon SEO

SEO is a powerful digital marketing tool for businesses to create an impactful online presence and attract new customers. Not only can it help drive business and revenue, but it can also help nurture relationships with current customers and clients. But for plastic surgery practices, there are specific steps marketers can take to give brands an extra edge over their competitors.

We know that you need a marketing company that will help you generate higher rankings in local search results to reach more prospective patients, and we will work with you to build the ideal SEO campaign to make this happen.

Keyword Research

Our SEO specialists do a deep dive into discovering which keywords and terms work best for your practice and specialties. This includes:

  • Informative terms for searchers who are looking for more information about your services; typically great blog topics
  • Purchasing terms for searches with purchasing intent
  • Brand terms, which are keywords that contain your brand name or other trademarked terms
  • Competitor terms, which are your competitors’ branded or trademarked terms

We will also look into the best customer consideration topics, decision stage topics, long-tail keywords and local keywords.

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Competitor Analysis

While it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the competition, we like to take the time and study different aspects of your competitors’ SEO strategies. Competitor analysis is a useful tool for perfecting and growing your plastic surgery practice’s marketing strategy—failure to examine this is a missed opportunity to gather a lot of important information.

Our plastic surgery competitor analysis goes over your competitors’ content marketing (email, social media, promotions, etc.), services and customer satisfaction, target audience, source of funding, business model, strengths and weaknesses.

Once we gather data on keywords and perform an analysis on your competitors, it’s time to use this information to optimize your site.

On-Page Optimization

Every website needs on-page SEO to rank well, but we know what works specifically for plastic surgery web design. Our plan for optimizing plastic surgery sites is three-fold:

  • We create high-quality content that establishes your practice as an authority in the field.
  • We utilize current HTML practices and optimize your photos for image search.
  • We construct your website in a way that is SEO- and user-friendly.

On-page search engine optimization is crucial for attracting site visitors organically, but once they’re on your site, you need them to learn more about your practice and contact you. This is where conversion optimization comes into play.

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Conversion Optimization

We don’t stop after creating high-quality content, designing a premium site and planning an effective SEO strategy. As an SEO company, we know how important it is for these internet marketing measures to produce future patients. We’re sure to keep a close eye on conversion factors such as:

  • Analytics: See what’s performing well and what needs to be improved upon
  • Advanced Page Design: Guide visitors’ attention to a specific area of your web page in order to influence their interaction with a form or phone number
  • Content: Help potential patients find answers to their questions and learn more about your practice
  • Heat Mapping: Track site visitors’ actions in order to improve user experience

Great SEO for plastic surgery doesn’t stop there. Although we cover on-page and conversion optimization, we make sure that our marketing services go beyond on-site strategies.

Off-Page Optimization

Conversion optimization drives site visitors to take desired actions, and on-page optimization attracts site visitors through SEO practices on your website. But not all optimization takes place on-site.

Off-page optimization plays a huge role in your SEO campaign. There are a lot of practices we take into consideration, but for plastic surgery websites, we especially focus on the strength of your domain name, building backlinks and studying your social metrics (if applicable).

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Work With Us

As a marketing agency, our approach to SEO for plastic surgery revolves around getting your practice to reach potential patients through local SEO and driving those prospective patients to choose you over your competitors. To learn more about what we can do for your business, schedule a call with Sean Wolf, our Director of SEO.