How to Optimize Facebooks Ads to Increase ROI

Digital marketing campaigns aim to drive traffic, generate leads, and boost a company’s sales. If a particular campaign cannot meet these expectations, you’ll be putting your hard-earned dollars to waste. The rise in social media has given businesses new opportunities to launch their digital marketing campaigns.

Social media platforms such as Facebook offer an ideal audience for your company or product promotion. With over 2 billion users every month, you probably understand why this platform stands as one of the best places to utilize your digital campaign. Your business has the potential to reach numerous visitors to Facebook Ads. This post discusses how you can optimize Facebook Ads to increase your ROI

Reasons Why Your Current Facebook Ads Strategy is Not Working?

Building a successful advertising campaign on Facebook is not as easy as running your Facebook page. Many companies and individuals assume that Facebook campaigns are all about posting pictures or products to the target users. Most people don’t realize that Facebook is not a marketing place but a place where people socialize with family and friends. Users typically log on to Facebook to see the new world and celebrate special occasions. 

With that in mind, a post heavily focused on sales would fail as a Facebook Ad. People are bombarded with advertisements throughout the day from different outlets. They would not expect to find out that their favorite social media platform doesn’t provide an escape from all the adverts they’ve experienced. Eventually, users become tired of scrolling through a sea of endless sales posts.

Therefore, if this is how you’ve been structuring your Facebook ads, you may not see any progress. It is no surprise that this is the reason why they’ve not been working for you. Design your ads to attract and engage your audience at a personal level. Apart from that, here are other ways you can utilize:

8 Tips to Optimize your Facebook Ads to Increase your ROI

Here are 8 tips to optimize your Facebook Ads and maximize your ROI.

Facebook features such as likes and shares are among the best forms of social proof. However, your product must be pretty good to get the most out of these two features. Facebook Ad campaign offers two options: create a new ad for every ad set or a campaign. 

The campaign option is relatively more efficient than creating a new ad every time you need to post something. It puts all your posts under one campaign’s post engagement or a single advert. You can do this by publishing a promotional post on your Facebook page. Moving forward you will select that post every time you set up a new ad campaign. 

Sometimes it takes several days to have enough campaign results to start the optimization process. A fast take-off method or FTO works best for this situation. An FTO method works in the following ways:


  • Setting up daily or lifetime budgets that exceed your intended budget 
  • Avoiding the Accelerated Delivery since Facebook will focus on your speed of ad delivery against the quality and cost 
  • Evaluating what works and what needs improvement after reaching 10,000 + impressions 
  • Lowering your budget to match your planned total budget once the initial campaign takes off

There must be specific times when your Facebook campaigns reach your target audience despite running 24/7. That’s why it’s recommended to analyze your Facebook ad accounts and check for periods when your campaigns have the highest CPAs.

All you have to do is go to your Facebook Ads Manager reports and take note of the breakdown for your campaign. This approach will help you determine the best time for advertisement. You will also be able to set a custom advert schedule that will reach prospective customers at the time with the highest potential.

One great thing about Facebook is being precise with your target audience in terms of age, location, occupation, interests, gender, and other factors. This will help advertisers target the right people and avoid wasting their money. 

It’s crucial to think clearly about what makes your target audience. Keep their unique characteristics, interests, and personas in mind. This will help you structure your ads so that they will reach them effectively. 

Once you’ve understood your audience, you can segment them to run target campaigns that can help them connect at various purchasing stages.

Proper Facebook Ads optimization requires regular split testing. You need to use the A/B features to choose a campaign objective and perform the split test. Split testing will help you narrow down to what is working for you, allowing you to update your campaign features and maintain an attractive ROI. 

Ensure that you test the following features:


  • The headline of the Ad copy
  • Ad placement 
  • CTA, including its color and statement 
  • Unique selling proposition 
  • Ad format 
  • Design of the ad

Facebook provides various ad targeting features available in their marketing tool. You can use these features to create high-end Facebook ads that target your audience accordingly. These features include:


  • Location: You can target your ads to specific locations, using countries, states, and cities. This is suitable for local businesses and allows you to create ads specific to certain areas. 
  • Demographics: Facebook allows marketers to target their audience regarding relationship status, gender, education, and where the person works. This is a precious cheat code for creating high-target ads. 
  • Interests: If you have already established your audience, you need to know their interest in your service or product. Use their interest to create specific ads with better quality to strengthen their interest in your product.

Different Ad formats can help you reach out to potential customers effectively. There are different dynamics to improve your ROI through Ad format. Choosing other Ad formats will help you showcase several features of your product.

Finally, you need to set up a marketing budget for your Facebook ad campaign. A budget will help you keep your expenses in check and meet your overall marketing objectives. Facebook has the  ability to set a daily budget or a lifetime cap on campaigns. These options are adjustable to meet your budget.

Maximize Your Facebook Ad with Webserv

The possibility of increasing your returns from your Facebook Ads relies on the strategies provided above. You have a better chance of maximizing your ROI by depending on a digital marketing team. 

At Webserv, we’ve got the experience and tools needed to maximize your ROI from your Facebook Ads. We are ready to create custom strategies to maximize your budget in the shortest time possible. Contact us today to learn more about what we can offer.

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