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Doodle Powell

Director of Human Relations

I love digging to find the root of the problem, and my favorite treat is lifting company morale (but I wouldn’t say no to a milkbone if you have one).

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Kyle McHenry


I’ve always been passionate about business and marketing. In my spare time, you can find me starting up cool new businesses.

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Preston Powell

Chief Marketing Officer

In my free time I’m constantly learning about the latest digital marketing techniques. It would be safe to say that I’m completely obsessed with digital marketing.

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Sean Wolf

Director of SEO

Providing value is my number one focus in life. Contributing to the well-being of those around you is the most rewarding thing anyone can do.

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Trevor Gage

SEO Manager

Working in SEO allows me to merge my passion for writing and design with my interest in statistics and analytics. I love creating webpages that are aesthetically engaging and perform well in Search Engine Results Pages. Watching keyword rankings increase week after week is incredibly satisfying.

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Omar Fattahi

Creative Director

I’m always looking to push the boundaries of user experience. I’m fascinated by design and understanding people’s behavior. “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

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Nick Chaus

Director of Content Development

The ever-changing world of content marketing continues to rapidly evolve which has motivated me to be creative in finding new and unique methods, as well as implementing innovative ideas.

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Ara Bedelian

Director of Web Design

I have a passion for design problem solving and getting the client what they want. I love the process of finding the balance between what is aesthetically pleasing while also informative and clear.

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Jordan Nishkian

Content Strategist

Jordan loves the combination of the creative and analytical sides of being a content strategist. Her bread and butter is writing and editing (she also really, really likes bread and butter).

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Nick Chepkevich

PPC Specialist

I love problem solving and being creative in an attempt to increase ROI/ROAS.  I believe there is always room for improvement!

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Kirsten Brazil

SEO Specialist

I’m able to challenge myself everyday and learning something new. Always using what I learn to improve my work and expand my skills. The ability to be creative and try new things.

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Mitch Marwitz

SEO Specialist

I’m big on brief, informative writing. I like diving through rabbit holes of information and compiling that information together so someone else can easily understand a topic.

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