After implementing a new and improved keyword and content strategy, Vintage Estate Homes doubled its site clicks and impressions

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Client Overview

Vintage Estate Homes is a new home builder that specializes in creating luxurious, fully-customizable dream homes throughout Florida and Texas. The company is known for its combination of using traditional, high-quality craftsmanship with contemporary floorplans and top-of-the-line technology. Vintage Estate Homes has over 70 years of experience, has amassed over 650 awards and has helped over 32,000 happy clients.

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The company has earned success and acclaim in the field, but Vintage Estate Homes was struggling to establish authority online. Despite the efforts of the company’s internal marketing department, VE Homes was not ranking highly on search engine result pages, and this was mainly due to their lack of a targeted keyword strategy. Because of this, its site was not receiving a lot of traffic, and the company wasn’t generating as many leads as it could have been.


When Vintage Estate Homes came to us for an SEO consultation, we knew that we would need to create a keyword strategy for them, as well as a content strategy. We worked with them to build these strategies, and we also created over 20 webpages, which significantly helped VE Homes’ site with its on-page optimization. After working with the company for three months, we were able to lay down a strong foundational strategy for VE Homes’ internal marketing department to implement.

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Case Studies | ve homes

The Results Are In

As a result of our new keyword and content strategy and webpage optimization, Vintage Estate Homes saw a notable increase in web engagement; we were able to double the company’s clicks and impressions within three months.


Increase in Clicks


Increase in Impressions

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