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3D PR & Marketing

How Webserv redesigned 3D PR & Marketing’s website with enhanced UI/UX.

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3d public relations and marketing is a full-service firm that specializes in publicity, event planning, branding, celebrity outreach, entertainment marketing and red carpet production. 3d emphasizes on fashion, luxury goods/services, entertainment, nightlife, beauty, technology and publishing publicity.


3D PR & Marketing’s original website didn’t break any major design rules. Each individual page had a decent amount of coherency when it came to a user’s positive browsing experience. But lacked strong calls to action and overall user friendly design overall.


When Dina Rezvanipour came to us about a redesign she was looking for something that stood out and tailored to her every request to help accurately represent her brand from top to bottom.


After performing a heuristic evaluation of the website and having our kick off meeting with Dina, we designed 3 different mockups of a home page. These were built to reflect examples of other websites she liked as well as incorporating what was found out through competitor research.

Upon approval of a homepage design we applied the new language to each of the other subpages and optimized for the mobile experience as well. The website was also designed with SEO in mind as well to gain traction for Google’s rankings. After everything was signed off on, we launched the website and Dina and her staff couldn’t have been more pleased.

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Our new website looks amazing! Ara took my wish list and made it even better than I could have imagined! The site is clean and easy to navigate. He also made it a point to have every page be SEO friendly, which has resulted in more traction on our site and more clients. I couldn’t ask for a better team to create our site and help grow our business!

Dina Rezvanipour, CEO 3d Public Relations and Marketing


3D PR & Marketing now has a fully custom website built with their input applied every step of the way. This strong online presence allows for users who visit their website to become more confident in the company’s ability to deliver what they need. Proper SEO setup has helped their company gain traction on Google and quality clientele looking for services.

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